Cornerstone Baptist Church, Ellerslie, GA

Cornerstone Christian Preschool

A Christian school for children ages 2-4
(must be appropriate age for their class by September 1st)

Operating Aug-May

A ministry of Cornerstone Baptist Church, Ellerslie, GA

Our Mission Statement
The purpose of Cornerstone Christian School is to provide a quality Christ centered education that encourages the development of the whole child.
Our Learning/Teaching Philosophy
We believe that young children learn best by experiencing hands-on
opportunities. We believe children learn about the physical and social worlds in which they live through playful interaction with objects and people. We have planned our program to give the children an opportunity to learn and discover the world around them. Our program is designed to encourage a child’s social/emotional, physical, cognitive, language, and spiritual development.
Cornerstone Christian School is a ministry of our church; therefore, we view each child as a part of our family. We use developmentally appropriate teaching strategies designed to support and encourage each child’s individual development.
Our Pre-School curriculum is drawn from a variety of quality educational resources and incorporates basic Christian themes in various learning experiences. We provide a balanced focus of readiness skills, socialization, and self-help skills. Bible stories, Chapel Time, music, learning centers, a computer lab and “themes of the week” are key components of our program.
Class Times
2 & 3 year old: Tues-Thurs 9-12
Pre-K 4 Class: Mon-Thurs 8-12

We welcome the opportunity to be a part of your child’s educational experience!

Preschool Director,
Angie Sutton
Tuition & Fees
Annual Registration/Supply Fee:
First child: $80
Each additional child: $70.00
Monthly Tuition
2 & 3 yr old class: $150/mo
Pre-K 4 class: $190/mo
Tuition discounts given for the following:
A. Students whose parents or
grandparents are members of
Cornerstone Baptist Church
receive a $10.00 discount per month.
B. Families with two or more children enrolled in the preschool receive a $10.00 per month discount from second child’s tuition.
Please note: Only one discount per family will be given.
Cornerstone Christian Preschool
16117 GA Hwy 315, PO Box 215
Ellerslie, GA 31807
(706) 561-6900

Cornerstone Baptist Church
16117 GA Hwy 315, PO Box 215
Ellerslie, GA 31807
(706) 561-6900